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Emergency water damage restoration, sewage backup and mold removal services across Freeport. 24/7 response, Industrial machinery, skilled staff, affordable cost

Stay Away From Sewage - You Need a Professional

A sewage backup can fast destroy your peace of mind, having bad effects on both your health and your property. That’s why you have to act quickly to limit the damage. When you use our 24/7 callout service, we guarantee to get someone to you, ASAP! We will deal with the foul smell and contaminated water, cleaning up and disinfecting all areas, making sure that all bacteria, mold and any other dangerous pathogens are quickly removed. Our technicians use PPE and industrial equipment and will also sanitize and deodorize your property thoroughly. Don’t try and deal with something like this yourself - use professionals like us who have the know-how to get the job done properly.

24/7 CallOuts - For When You Really Need Help

PPE, industrial machinery and HEPA filtration equipment

Prompt response and rapid clean-up of contamination

Trained staff, 24/7 callout service, reasonable prices

Mold Growth? Leave It To a Professional

Mold can begin growing after flooding or just flourish in damp (mold cannot live without water). However, the fact is that it needs to be dealt with urgently. It is an enormous health hazard, and within a day or two can have spread out of all control. Our technicians will quickly seal off the endangered area, remove the source with HEPA filtration equipment and then set about killing any airborne spores with special air scrubbing machinery. They will wear protective clothing and, if necessary, take swab tests and moisture readings for the purposes of insurance claims. Stay safe and call us- this is not something you can deal with yourself!

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Water & Flood Damage Restoration - 24/7

If you’ve got water damage, your first call should be to us. It might be a frozen pipe, an overflowing toilet or major flood damage after a storm but it will probably be too much for your hand. That’s where our professional and expert technicians come in. Let them deal with both the clean-up and then the dry-out and restoration process. Our industrial equipment includes pumps, dehumidifiers and desiccant dryers (which can help in restoring personal possessions like books and documents). Moreover, our thermal fogging machines and antiviral cleaning solutions are extremely effective when it comes to disinfecting and sanitizing spaces.

Nassau Water Damage Restoration

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Whatever your problem - flooding, sewage, mold or fire damage, we can help. We are just a phone call away...24/7.
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